Please write English for both Abstract blank during the submission of your work.

The submission of abstracts can only be accepted via the online abstract system.

Names of the authors should not include their affiliations.

The name should be written with first letter in capital and the family name should be written all letters are capital.

Ex: Ahmet TEMEL

The abbreviation should be given in parentheses on the first use next to the open name.

Name and address of the institution in which the author is employed, should be stated.

All abstract headings should be written in capital letters.

Abstract should be organized in a way to include the titles of purpose, materials and methods, results and conclusions.

The abstract should not exceed 400 words excluding the abstract title and name & surname of the author.

An abstract that does not match with anyone of the rules mentioned above, will be abondoned.

Important Notices

If you use the online abstract system for the first time, register to system via the " New User" link.

After the registration procedure, the explanations at the page will guide you.Please read the messages and explanations carefully.

Please keep the confirmation mail sent to your e- mail adress right after the abstract submission.

You can track the evaluation process of your abstract over the system by using your e - mail and password.

Abstract Evaluation

All abstracts and proceedings will be blind reviewed by the Scientific Committee. For evaluation of the abstract, the congress registration process must be completed for at least one of the researchers. An acceptance letter concerning the abstract evaluation result will be e - mailed to the author.

Abstracts which are accepted to be orally presented in congress as result of their evaluation;

- Need to be uploaded to the system as ‘’full text’’ and thus;

- English and Turkish abstracts must not exceed 250 words.

- Number of total words of the text must not exceed 1500. (excluding the abstract)

- Text must include 2 tables or figures at most.

- Number of resources which will be used, must be 20, at most.

- Abstracts which will be sent must include the research results.

**Participants will be able to upload their abstracts only if they register for the congress.

Poster Presentation

Your poster papers will be demonstrated as E-poster. You can save your poster as an image format (JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF) (e.g. P-001.jpg) and email to saglikbilimlerikongresi@egekongre.com